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Aerials and Accessories

We are, first and foremost, your local family aerial and satellite stockist – we can help you with your purchase, supply all that you need to install your aerial or satellite.

Our product range includes:

aerial and satellite kits for your caravans, boats and camping
loft and satellite poles
remotes and RF transmitters
satellite dishes
wall / chimney fixings



Element, DAB 1 2.2 DB Gain
Element, DAB 3 8 DB Gain
Element, DAB 5 8 DB Gain
Omni FM 0 DB Gain


DG8 8 Elements 19 DB Gain
DAT75 75 Elements 19 DB Gain
DC10 10 Elements Gain 12 DBI
Digi dome 20 DB1 Gain with Amplifier
Gridmax Gain 12 DBI - Helps to stop TV signals reflecting from other buildings
HG10 52 Elements Gain 12-15 DBI
HG5 32 Elements Gain 10-12 DBI
Log Periodic 28 28 Elements Gain 8 DB1
Log Periodic 30 30 Elements Gain 8 DBI
Log Periodic 40 40 Elements Gain 10 DBI
Mains Powered, Set Top Aerial 32 DB Gain
Maxview 25W 25 Elements Gain 11 DBI
Maxview 45W 45 Elements Gain 13 DBI
QR10 10 Elements Gain 12 DBI
QR12 12 Elements Gain 14 DBI


Amplifiers & Splitters

Amplifier, 1 Way
Amplifier, 2 Way
Amplifier, 3 Way
Amplifier, 4 Way
Amplifier, 6 Way
Amplifier, 8 Way
Amplifier, 12 Way
Amplifier, 16 Way
Amplifier, Inline Digital + Satellite
Amplifier, Loft Box, 8 Way
Amplifier, Sky Driven, 2 Output
Amplifier, Sky Driven, 4 Output
Anti-surge, Inline Satellite
Labgear, Wolsey
Masthead, Standard, Fixed
Masthead, Super, Fixed
Masthead, Variable, 4 Way, 0-10 DB
Masthead, Variable, 6 Way, 0-10 DB
Masthead, Variable, 6 Way
Masthead, Variable, 8 Way
Masthead, Variable-Fixed, 2 Way
Masthead, Variable-Fixed, 4 Way
Multiswitch Amp
Power Supply, 1 Way

Brackets, Chimney

Chimney, 6 inch
Chimney, Double, 6 inch
Chimney, Double, 18 inch
Chimney, SL 7.5 inch
Cradle, Chimney, 9 inch
Cradle, Chimney, 13 inch
Cradle, Chimney, 18 x 13 inch
Tile & Slate

Brackets, Wall

Bracket, 6 x 6 inch
Bracket, 6 x 9 inch
Bracket, 9 x 9 inch
Bracket, 12 x 12 inch
Bracket, 12 x 18 inch
Bracket, 18 x 18 inch
Bracket, Pressed Plate
Bracket, T&K, 12 inch
Bracket, T&K, 14 inch
Bracket, T&K, 18 inch
Bracket, T&K, 24 inch
Bracket, T&K, 36 inch

Cable, Satellite, Drum

CT100, 100M Copper Braid, Copper Screen
CT100, 250M
RG6, 100M Copper Braid, Aluminium Screen
RG6, 100M, Twin Satellite
RG6, 250M
RG6, 250M, Twin Satellite

Cable, Satellite, Metre



Bolt Coach, Coach Bolt 50mm
Bolt J, J-Bolts 100mm; For lashing wire
Clamp, 2U2U For joining two poles together, up-to 2 inch
Clamp, Double, Double Clamp For joining two poles together, up-to 2 inch
Clamp, E Max For TV Aerial
Clamp, UHF For TV Aerial
Clips, 7mm
Clips, Double, Double Clips, 4mm For clipping two coax cables side by side
Lashing Kit, c/w 1.75 inch U Bolt See chimney brackets
Lashing Kit, c/w 2.50 inch U Bolt See chimney brackets
Lashing Wire, 5M See chimney brackets
Lashing Wire, 10M See chimney brackets
Lashing Wire, 25Kg See chimney brackets
Mungo & Bolt
Mungo Plug 10mm hole required
Plate, Corner, Corner Plate For lashing wire fixing
Tape, Self Amalgamating Weather proof tape
Tape, PVC
Top Hat For tidying up hole through wall
Top Hat, Double Where coax cable comes through wall
U Bolt, 1.75 inch
U Bolt, 2.50 inch
U Bolt, Satellite


Coupler, Coaxial
Joiner, Coaxial
Plug, Coaxial

Connectors, Satellite

F-Coupler, Satellite
F-Plug, Satellite

Dish, Sky


Face Plate, Wall

Standard, Coaxial, Diplexer TV / FM
Standard, Coaxial, Double
Standard, Coaxial, Duplex Coaxial and Satellite
Standard, Coaxial, Single
Standard, Satellite, Double
Standard, Satellite, Single
Standard, Satellite, Triplexer TV / FM / SAT

Low Noise Block (LNB)

Octo. 8 separate output
Quad. 4 separate output
Quattro Multi-switch systems
Single 1 output

Metres / Modulators / Receivers

Finder, Aerial, Aerial Finder
Finder, Satellite, Satellite Finder
FreeSat To receive free digital channels by way of a dish
FreeSat, HD
FreeView To receive free digital channels by way of an aerial
FreeView, HD
Modulator To convert RF input signal to AV output
Transmitter, Wireless
Tri-Kit Enables connection up-to three units around the home, e.g. FreeSat, FreeView, Sky or Virgin from one place

Poles, Aluminium

5 ft. x 1 inch
6 ft. x 1 inch
6 ft. x 1.25 inch
6 ft. x 1.5 inch
6 ft. x 2.0 inch
8 ft. x 1.5 inch
8 ft. x 2.0 inch
10 ft. x 1.5 inch
10 ft. x 2.0 inch
12 ft. x 2.0 inch
14 ft. x 2.0 inch
16 ft. x 2.0 inch
20 ft. x 2.0 inch
Coupler, 1.25 to 1.5 inch
Coupler, 1.25 to 2 inch
Coupler, 1.5 to 1.5 inch
Coupler, 1.5 to 2 inch
Coupler, 2 to 2 inch
Crank, 6 ft. x 1 inch
Crank, 6 ft. x 1.25 inch
Patio Mount, 24 inch
Patio Mount, 36 inch
Pole Kit, Caravan, 3 Piece
Pole Kit, Swan Neck
Pole, Loft, Loft Pole, 36 inch
Pole, Loft, Loft Pole, Quick Fit
Wall Mount, Satellite

Remote Controls

Magic Eye To control Sky, alternative TV set
Non-GEN, Sky +
Sky +

Satellite Kits

Free to Air (FTA) High Definition (HD) Set
Free to Air (FTA) Kit
Free to Air (FTA) Travel

Splitters, Outdoor

2-3-4 Way
Attenuator To reduce DB Gain from your aerial
Box, Joining, Joining Box
Combiner, F Type, TV / SAT
Combiner, TV / FM / DAB
Diplexer, Sat 69 TV / Satellite Masthead Diplexer
Triplexer, FM / DAB / UHF
Taps, Link Lead for multi-switch faceplate

Splitters, Indoor

Attenuators, Inline To reduce DB Gain from your aerial
Attenuators, Variable To reduce DB Gain from your aerial
F Type
Link Cable For multi-switch amplifier faceplate
Ready Made-up Coax Leads
Splitter, 2 / 3 / 4 / 6 / 8 c/w DC Pass
Y Shape


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