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Electrical and Telecoms

We are suppliers of a wide range of electrical and telephony materials, products and components including: Adaptors, batteries, chargers, connectors, converters, fuses, insect traps, leads, power supplies, sockets, tape, telecoms, tools and torches.

Our product and component range also includes:

heating and cooling fans
power supplies
splitters / connectors
switches and lighting



1/3 N, 3V
3R12, 6V
7K67, 0.5V
AA, 1.5V
AAA, 1.5V
C, 1.5V
D, 1.5V
GP10, 9V
GP11, 6V
GP23, 12V
GP27, 12V
N, 1.5V
PJ996, 6V
PP3, 9V
PP7, 9V
PP9, 9V
PX28, 6V
Sub C, 1.5V

Battery, Alarm

6V, 4 Amp
12V, 1.2 Amp
12V, 2.1 Amp
12V, 2.8 Amp
12V, 7 Amp

Battery, Camera

Battery, 2CR5
Battery, CR, Large selection
Battery, CR123A
Battery, CR2
Battery, CRV3
Battery, Watch, Large selection

Battery, Rechargeable NIMH

AA, 1.2V
AAA, 1.2V
C, 1.2V
D, 1.2V
PP3, 8.4V

Blank Plate

1 Gang
2 Gang


Adaptor, Shaver, Shaving Adaptor
Adaptor, Travel, Travel Adaptor
Connection Strip, 2 to 60 Amp
Euro Plug & Socket
Fixed Inline, 2 Core
Fixed Inline, 3 Core
Plug & Socket, Inline, 2 Pin
Plug & Socket, Inline, 3 Pin
Plug, Figure 8

DC Plug & Socket

Cigar Plug & Socket
Cigar Extension Lead, 2M
Cigar Plug & DC Adaptors
Cigar Plug with 2 Sockets
Cigar Plug with 4 Sockets

Door Bell

Bell Push
Door Bell, Plug-in
Door Bell, Wireless
Door Bell, Wireless, with Light
Door Chime & Intercom

Fan, Cooling

Oscillating, 6 inch, Clip-on, 2 Speed
Oscillating, 9 inch, Table, 3 Speed
Oscillating, 12 inch, Table, 3 Speed
Oscillating, 16 inch, Pedestal, 3 speed
Oscillating, 16 inch, Table, 3 Speed
Oscillating, 16 inch, Wall, 3 Speed
Oscillating, 18 inch, Pedestal, 3 Speed
Oscillating, Pedestal Tower, 3 Speed & Timer
Oscillating, Tower, 3 Speed & Timer

Fan, Extractor

4 inch
6 inch
Shower Kit, Inline

Heaters, Fan

Ceramic, 1500W
Ceramic, 2000W
Convector, 2000W, 3 Heat Settings
Halogen, 1200W, 3 Heat Settings
Halogen, 1600W, 4 Heat Settings
Heater, Fan, 2000W, 2 Heat Settings
Radiator, Oil Filled, 2000W, 3 Heat Settings


3V, DC to 12V DC Power Supply
5V, DC to 24V DC
9V, AC to AC
12V, 300W
12V, 600W
12V, AC to AC
12V, DC 4 Pin Connection
12V, DC Converter to 240 AC 150W
12V, DC to 20V DC
15V, AC to AC
24V, AC to AC
36V, AC to AC
Converter, 110V to 240V
Converter, 240V to 110V

Junction Box

5 Amp
20 Amp
30 Amp
Project Box

Mains Lead

5M, 1 Way
2M, 2 Way
2M, 6 Way, Anti-surge
2M, 10 Way, Anti-surge
2M, 4 Way
2M, 4 Way, Anti-surge
2M, 6 Way
2M, 8 Way, Anti-surge
2M, Clover
2M, Euro
2M, Figure 8
3M, Figure 8
5M, 4 Way
5M, 6 Way
5M, Euro
5M, Figure 8
10M, 4 Way
10M, Euro
10M, Figure 8
Euro Extension
Euro Splitter
Single Socket with 3M Cable

Mains Socket

1 Gang
2 Gang
3 Gang
Converter, 1 Gang to 2 Gang
Converter, 1 or 2 Gang to 4 Gang
Converter, 2 Gang to 3 Gang
Round Pin, 2 – 5 – 15 Amp
Shaver with 110V & 240V, 2 Pin Sockets

Pattress (Back box)

Metal, 1 Gang
Metal, 2 Gang
Metal, Dual, 2 Gang
Plasterboard, 1 Gang
Plasterboard, 2 Gang
Plasterboard, Dual, 2 Gang
Surface Mounted, 1 Gang
Surface Mounted, 2 Gang
Surface Mounted, 3 Gang
Surface Mounted, Dual, 2 Gang

PIR & Timers

PIR Light Switch
PIR Ceiling Mount
PIR Light Sensor
Timer, 7 Day
Timer, 24 Hour
Timer, Immersion

Plug Top, Mains

Plug Top, 2 Amp – 5 Amp – 15 Amp, Round Pin
Plug Top, 3 Amp – 5 Amp – 13 Amp


Faceplate, with Spike RCD
Faceplate, 2 Gang with RCD
Inline RCD
Plug-in RCD

Sockets, Extension

Adaptor, 2 Way
Adaptor, 2 Way
Adaptor, 3 Way
2 Way
4 Way
6 Way

Sockets, Outdoor

1 Gang, IP56
2 Gang, IP56
1 Gang, IP66
2 Gang, IP66


1 Gang, 1 Way Light
1 Gang, 2 Way Light
1 Gang, Intermediate Light
1 Way Architrave Light
2 Gang, 2 Way Light
3 Gang, 2 Way Light
4 Gang, 2 Way Light
2 Way Architrave Light
20 Amp
Cooker, 45 Amp
Cooker, with Socket
Dimmer, 1 Gang, 1 Way
Dimmer, 2 Gang, 2 Way
Dimmer, 4 Gang, 2 Way
Pull, 45 Amp
Switched Spur
Switched Spur, with Light
Un-switched Spur
Un-switched Spur with Light


Cable, Alarm

4 Core (2 Pair)
6 Core (3 Pair)
16 Core (8 Pair)

Cable, Coax

Cable, 50 OHM, CB, RG58
Cable, 75 OHM, CCTV (Picture), RG59
Cable, 75 OHM, Television, CT100
Cable, 75 OHM, Television, RG6

Cable, Computer

8 Core, CAT5 305M Drum, Twisted Cable (4 pair)
8 Core, CAT6 305M Drum, Twisted Cable (4 pair)

Cable, Earth


Cable, General Electrical

3 Core & Earth, 1mm
3 Core & Earth, 1.5mm
Flat Grey
Single & Earth, 1mm
Twin & Earth, 1.5mm
Twin & Earth, 1mm, 50-100M
Twin & Earth, 2.5mm
Twin & Earth, 4mm
Twin & Earth, 6mm
Twin & Earth, 10mm

Cable, Mains, 2 Core

0.50mm, 3 Amp
0.75mm, 6 Amp

Cable, Mains, 3 Core

0.50mm, 3 Amp
0.75mm, 6 Amp
1.00mm, 10 Amp
1.25mm, 13 Amp
1.50mm, 15 Amp

Cable, Mains, 7 Core

7 Core

Cable, Red & Black DC

10 AMP
15 AMP
20 AMP
25 AMP

Cable, Screen

4 Core, Z4
4 Core, Z20, Ind. Screen Individually Screened
8 Core, Z8
Figure 8, 0.1mm Strand
Figure 8, 0.2mm Strand
Figure 8, 0.31mm Strand
Single, Z1
Single, Z2
Twin, Z3
Twin, Z323

Cable, Speaker

Cable, 13 Strand Number of Strands (13)
Cable, 42 Strand Number of Strands (42)
Cable, 79 Strand Number of Strands (79)
Cable, 96 Strand, Oxygen Free Number of Strands (96)
Cable, 192 Strand, Oxygen Free Number of Strands (192)
Cable, 327 Strand, Oxygen Free Number of Strands (327)

Clips, Cable

100 x 2.5mm
140 x 2.5mm
200 x 2.5mm
200 x 4.8mm
295 x 4.8mm
380 x 4.8mm


Lamp & Light Fittings

Black Light (UV)
Capless, 12V
Dicolic, 12V
Fluorescent, 6 inch, 4W
Fluorescent, 9 inch, 6W
Fluorescent, 12 inch, 8W
Fluorescent, 18 inch, 15W
Fluorescent, 21 inch, 21W
Fluorescent, 29 inch, 16W
Fluorescent, 2ft.
Fluorescent, 3ft.
Fluorescent, 4ft.
Fluorescent, 5ft.
Fluorescent, 6ft.
Fluorescent, 8ft.
Fluorescent, Circular, 22W
Fluorescent, Circular, 32W
Fluorescent, Circular, 40 / 60W
Fluorescent, GU10
Halogen Floodlight Lamps
Lamp & Sensor, Dusk to Dawn
Lamp, 2/4 Pin, 16W 2D
Lamp, 2/4 Pin, 28W 2D
Lamp, Candle Shape
Lamp, Candle Shape, Fire Glow
Lamp, Candle Shape, Low Energy
Lamp, Cooker
Lamp, GLS Shape, 50V & 110V
Lamp, GLS Shape, Coloured
Lamp, GLS Shape, Day Light
Lamp, GLS Shape, Fire Glow
Lamp, GLS Shape, Lamp
Lamp, GLS Shape, Low Energy
Lamp, GLS Shape, Night Light
Lamp, Golf Ball
Lamp, Golf Ball, Low Energy
Lamp, Low Energy
LED, 12V
Mains Voltage, G9
Mains Voltage, GU10
Pygmy Coloured

Fluorescent Fittings

Double, 2ft.
Double, 4ft.
Double, 5ft.
Double, 6ft.
Single, 2ft.
Single, 3ft.
Single, 4ft.
Single, 5ft.
Single, 6ft.

Lamp Holders

Ceiling, BC
Ceiling, ES
Lamp Holder, BC, Brass
Lamp Holder, BC, White
Lamp Holder, Pendant, with Cable
Lamp Holder, ES, White
Lamp Holder, SES, White
Lamp Holder, SBC, Brass

Link Lights

6W, 270mm
10W, 420mm
16W , 520mm
20W, 620mm
25W, 705mm
30W, 815mm
Bar Light, GU10
Flood Light, 150W
Flood Light, 500W
Garden Light, PAR38
Joining Lead, 500 – 1000mm
Light Kits, Neon Rope

Rope Lights

Connector, Mains
Coupler, 3 Way
Coupler, 4 Way
End Cap
Main Connector Kit
Rope Light Kits, LED
Rope Light, LED, 50M, sold as drum or by the Metre 3.6 to 4.5W per Metre
Rope Light, Neon, 50M, sold as drum or by the Metre 13.3W per Metre
Strip Light, LED, 500mm
Strip Light, LED, 5M
X Coupler
Y Splitter


Halogen, Rechargeable
Hand Held
Head Torch
Lantern, Camping, Rechargeable
Torches, LED Shake (to charge battery)
Wind Up

Light Switch, Outdoor

Cable Coupler, Inline
Cable Joiner, Inline
Switch, 1 Way
Switch, 2 Way


Adaptors & Splitters

Adaptor, ADSL
Adaptor, BT Plug to RJ11
Adaptor, Surge
Inline Socket, BT
Joiner Inline, BT
Joiner, RJ11
Joiner, RJ45
Plug, BT
Plug, RJ10 4 Pin Body with 4 Pins
Plug, RJ11 6 pin Body with 4 Pins
Plug, RJ12 6 pin Body with 6 Pins
Plug, RJ45 8 pin Body with 8 Pins
Splitter, 2 Way
Splitter, 2 Way, with Led Light
Splitter, 3 Way
Splitter, 4 Way
Splitter, RJ11
Splitter, RJ45

Cable, BT

2 Pair (4 core cable)
3 Pair (6 core cable)
4 Pair (8 core cable)

Extension Lead – BT Plug to BT Socket


Junction Box

6 Way
8 Way

RJ11 Plug to Plug

3M, Coiled Handset
5M, Coiled Handset

Sockets, BT

Filter, ADSL
Master, 2 In 2 Out
Master, Single
Master, Single In, Double Out Faceplate
Master, with Pattress (Back Box)
Master, with Split Front
Slave, 1 In 2 Out
Slave, 2 In 2 Out
Slave, Single
Slave, with Pattress (Back Box)


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